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Desiree Talley, Esq.

Desiree hails from Vallejo, CA and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Her love for entertainment has led her to work in various legal capacities in the media, music and television industries. When not consumed by media, she is studying real estate and interior design while badly singing, attending live concerts, and planning her next exotic getaway. She is the founder and principal of Talley Law Group PLLC and is a rising media personality. Desiree is a graduate of Hampton University (The Real HU) and St. John’s University School of Law.


Tyrone Scott, Esq.

Coming from a military family, home is wherever Tyrone lays his head, which happens to currently be Brooklyn, NY. He has been working in the television, music, and media industries for years but most recently in the business affairs department of Vevo. Outside of the office (and POPLAW recording studio), Tyrone can usually be found cooking three-course meals from scratch, composing music for his Custom A Cappella clients, or reading a new book. He is also a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and has bachelor degrees in both music and economics from Tulane University.

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Instagram: @desistar1

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