In crossovers we didn't see coming in 2019, a trademark case currently with the Supreme Court about vulgar language now has some questioning whether it could influence longstanding precedent about vulgarity and "bad words" in television and radio, via the FCC. Also two companies are going head-to-head over what free speech means in the commercial sense in California. And finally 20th Century Fox is being sued for displacing juvenile detainees in Chicago, so they could film...Empire. -_-

Plus The Breakdown of what the FCC is and updates on the sexual assault lawsuit against some Viacom executives.



Three-time Emmy winning Entertainment booker and producer for ABC's Good Morning America, Eric Jones drops by to give us the insider scoop about talent booking, his incredible career journey (from working for First Lady Michelle Obama to booking and meeting his idol Kelly Rowland), and how important the legal side of the TV business is to his job.



Everyone predicted it and now we're seeing the true results of the 2016 election. Conservative led states are pushing to ban abortion out right and are looking to take their fight all the way to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the longstanding precedent for abortion rights. We explain exactly what's going on and how people are fighting back.

Plus stick around for The Breakdown of the right to privacy.



What happens when you build a four billion dollar business on fitness and music but don't get the rights to use the music? Well Peloton is about to find out since the music industry is coming after them for not clearing the music that they use for their popular fitness program and equipment.

Stick around for an update on the WGA lawsuit and The Breakdown of sync licenses.



The Writers Guild of America is fed UP! They have a bone to pick with their talent agents and are willing to go all the way to court to get want they want. Rapper Offset catches a felony for throwing hands with a fan.

Plus The Breakdown of collective bargaining agreements and an update on the college cheating scandal and Fyre Fest update #480.



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